It begins…

Well, this is new.

To start things off, a brief explanation of just who I am. I’m Josh and I’ve been working in publishing as a freelancer for a number of years, and with a number of publishers on an eclectic mix of books – some good, some weird, some downright strange. I’ve been enjoying my work, but I’ve been looking to expand into other projects for some time.

Recently, a few friends suggested that I should have a go at commentary and reviews, and after putting it off for a while, I thought I should start somewhere – which has ended up being here. The title of ‘The Sleepless Editor’ comes from the clearly very imaginative combination of my profession and my frequent bouts of chronic insomnia. As for what I’m aiming for with this blog, I’m looking to offer my thoughts on book releases and goings-on in the literature world (though I plan to look at media in general too). That and try to enhance my general writing ability – I’d ultimately like to produce my own work, and following the advice of far more talented people than myself, regular practice is necessary!

Some major thanks are due to Michael Cowell for designing my logo, the ‘sleep-deprived eye of Horus’. He’s a great artist, a thoroughly lovely human being, and can be found here.

When it comes to reviews, and specifically links for where you can buy products, I’ll be trying to avoid linking to Amazon if I can. This is down to my personal aim of promoting more indie alternatives to the behemoth – brick and mortar stores, or smaller websites such as Hive. Amazon does have its place, and some releases are much easier to get hold of through them, but I’d like to try to offer some other options whenever possible.

This is a very loose mission statement of sorts, and I’ll be looking to expand on it/alter it as time goes by. But for now, we’ll see how things work out.

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